Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Multi-level Bulleted list added.

Here is some info on the upcoming MomoNote v4.2

In the MomoNote v4.2, it will contain Multi-level Bulleted list, enhancing the current Bulleted list.

It will be same method as before.
When you touch the bulleted list on memo writing screen, list bullet will automatically show and starts list input.
When you finish and change the line, the list bullet will automatically appear and it will allow you to input next line.
When list bullet is on, pressing the 'space' button will switch to lower-level and pressing the 'backspace' button will switch to upper-level with automatic indentation and change of list bullet.

As a major part of the v4.2 update, iPad compatible support is currently being developed.
Keep us posted as we are working very hard.

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